KMA Wollongong

Based in Coniston, KMA Wollongong offers one of the only facilities in the Illawarra with a full Octagon MMA cage and suspended boxing ring.

Kids Champion Hapkido Combatives - Full Class Training

All classes are designed to encourage success in all facets of life. Martial arts is a philosophy that extends beyond the Dojang.

Kids Champion Hapkido Combatives - Pop Kick

KMA Wollongong is the home of champions with its Xtreme Performance Team bringing home a number of titles at the ISKA World Cup 2014.

KMA Extreme Performance Team

KMA Wollongong offers a family atmosphere to grow and thrive.

With an established heritage of over 30 years in Australia. KMA offers students a variety of styles and systems to follow.

Body rip

Training is varied and interesting. Our qualified instructors work to help you reach your goals.

KMA Wollongong