Master Fari Salievski

A True Leader, Master Instructor Mr Fari Salievski is more than just the head of KMA schools. He is a true leader by example and a positive role model for all that come in contact with him. He is highly regarded in the international martial arts and business community for his honesty and personal success.

Currently he heads Martial Arts Professionals; an organisation dedicated to promoting excellence within the martial arts industry & raising the standards of professional services to students and their communities.

In addition Master Fari heads Korea Hapkido International, Korea Hapkido Australia and is also a representative for MA Success (MAIA USA) and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (World famous kickboxing legend and champion) plus KMA is officially registered as a Jean Jacques Machado school!

Since 1982 training has been consistent, a minimum of six days per week of not only teaching time but active training becoming Australia’s only instructor to be Korean graded and certified for each and every Dan level (up to 5th Dan) in South Korea. 6th & 7th Dans in the U.S with the same Grandmaster (10th Dan in Sun Seo)

The title of “Master” does not come via a mail order or certificate but it is a title bestowed upon the recipient by their Grandmaster. Master Fari has earned his title through hard work establishing himself an international reputation of quality & integrity.

Master Fari
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Government Recognised Qualifications

  • College Certification-Advanced Marketing
  • Master Security License Holder for over 10 years
  • Certificate 2 in Security Operations for 15 years
  • Senior 1st Aid Certificate
  • National Coach-NCAS Level 1 & 2
  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training (BSZ40198)
  • Certificate IV in Sports Coaching (SRS40203) Sports Specialisation: Martial Arts
  • Certificate IV in Fitness SRF40201 (Personal Trainer)
  • Lean & Fit Program Instructor
  • CDT Master
  • Personal Safety Expert (Completed course by Tom Patire).
  • Master instructor Taekwondo 6th dan (wtf)
  • Master Instructor Hapkido 7th Dan
  • Ultimate Black Belt Test Graduate (1 of only 30 in the world,only person in Australia)
  • Master Instructor Korea Hapkido International
  • BJJ-Brazilian Jiujitsu Instructor since 1996
  • BJJ certified with John B Will,Jean Jacques Machado & Gracie Academy headquarters
  • Professional Mixed Martial Arts Instructor and have taken people from beginner level to cage ready levels! MMA Top Team has become Australia’s premier MMA fight team
  • American Top Team certified(ATT):January 2010
  • Modern Arnis (Remy Presas System) Black Belt tested by Mr Nick Nicholas(1993)
  • Kyusho Jitsu(pressure points) Certified 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Human pressure Points Certified levels I & II
  • Made Australian History by staging the first “Australian Martial Arts Industry Supershow-October 2006. Now a bi annual event.
  • 2007 Inductee World Karate Union Hall Of Fame : Hapkido Instructor of the year
  • Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame : 2007 Hapkido Instructor Of The Year. This recognition was very special having been nominated by 10th Dan Grandmaster Barry Bradshaw & 7th Dan Master Ian Pollet
  • Trained with the MMA elite of the world including Frank Shamrock ,Greg Jackson,John Hackleman and regularly with the American Top Team(Ricardo Liborio) to name a few.
  • MMA Australia™ founder
  • International Kenpo Karate Federation member
  • Officially introduced Caged Fitness™ to Australia
  • An international speaker & motivator appearing at the martial Arts Summit in England October 2008 and the MA Supershow in Vegas July 2009 (this event featured Tony Robins).
  • ISKA-Internation Sports Karate Association lifetime achievement award;February 2010
  • Appointed head of ISJA-International Sports Jujitsu Association of Australia.
  • Hapkido commendation for the development & promotion of the martial arts,awarded in Korea March the 4th 2010
  • KMA rated 3rd overall in the ISKA world cup Championships Oct 2011 including MMA grand champions
  • March 2011 awarded the ISKA Hapkido Instructor of the year
  • Certified By Benny “The Jet” August 2011
  • 2012 1st Official Jean Jacques Machado School in Australia
  • December 2012 completed diploma in sports development
  • March 2015 Tested for Kempo Jiujitsu Black Belt with Hanshi Ian Pollet

Be the Product- Be the Example

Many can “talk the talk” but few “walk the walk” Master Salievski lives the martial arts each day as evidenced by his fitness and active participation in all classes.He lives the philosophy of the martial arts,both he and his children are a product of all that he teaches.

Teaching Philosophy

“It is very important to understand what you are practising,and not just automatically repeat all that you have learned.Understanding is the foundation of any work.With understanding you will be able to know your goal.Once you know your goal,your mind can be firm & steady.With this understanding you will be able to see why something has happened,& what the principles & theories are behind it.Without all this your work will be done blindly,& it will be a long & painful process.

Only when you are sure what your target is & why you need to reach it should you raise the question of how you are going to do it.The answers to all these questions form the foundation of your practice,& will help you avoid the wondering & confusion that uncertainty brings.If you keep this foundation you will be able to apply the theory & make it grow-you will know how to create.Without this foundation(being the roots)what you will learn will be only superficial branches & flowers,and in time will wither”.

As a master instructor I hope to assist in establishing this foundation.To improve your body,and above all to assist you in clearing your mind.To keep it calm,centered & balanced for a better martial art way of life.

Master Fari

Ultimate Black Belt Test

Congratulations Master Fari on his completing The Ultimate Black Belt Test and also achieving 7th degree Hapkido!

Master Fari is back and very proud of himself and so are we.

Master instructors from all over the world have been calling him & emailing him to congratulate him on his outstanding performance!

It’s great the whole world has now seen how good he is. He has built a very good reputation for himself, his talent and our school! We are so lucky we have him here everyday!

I thought I would enclose two emails of some of the congratulations emails he has received, one of them was from his idol, Master Ernie Reyes Snr.

KMA black belt,
Kathryn Hamblin

Master Fari,

You have been up lifting to me spiritually, because of your commitment and dedication to the arts.Of all people you probably had the biggest excuse to possible drop out, because of the distance, financial commitment, and time away from your family and school.

But you are true to the arts and your word which is special during these times and days of modern day martial arts.

Thanks for sharing a martial arts moment with me that was special since my daughter tested the same time you did.It is amazing how fate turns out.It has been a spiritual moment also more than you can imagine.

Thanks for sharing your philosophy on what is the essence of your Black Belt Test.

I wish you all the success, happiness, and health to you, your family, and students.

Martial Arts For Life!

Master Reyes
P.S. I am too trying to continuously live up such a heavy but inspiring title (Master Instructor)


Very few people would be willing to put out the energy and resources you did to attend the UBBT. You made a great leap of faith –and I think you did quite well.

I’m going to award you your ultimate black belt…and I wish you well in your future adventures. I’m so proud of you I could spit!

Anyway, You rocked!

Tom Callos

UBBT Founder

Mastery By Stewart Emery

MASTERY in our career and consciousness simply requires that we constantly produce results beyond the ordinary. Mastery is the result of consistently going beyond our limits. For most people, it starts with technical excellence in a chosen field and a commitment to that excellence. If you are willing to commit yourself to excellence, to surround yourself with things that represent excellence, and to pursue events and experiences that become miracles, your life will change. (When we speak of miracles, we speak of events or experiences in the real world that are beyond the ordinary).

It’s remarkable how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is acceptable. Our world suffers from terminal normality. Take a moment to assess all of the things around you that encourage you to remain “average.” These things keep you powerless, unable to go beyond a “limit” you have arbitrarily set for yourself. Take your first step towards mastery by removing everything in your environment that represents mediocrity, removing your arbitrary limits. Try surrounding yourself with friends who ask more of you than you do. Didn’t some of your best teachers, your coaches, your parents expect more from you?

On the path to mastery, erase any resentment you have towards masters. Develop compassion for yourself so that you can be in the presence of masters and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself and resenting people who have mastery, remain open and receptive; let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you—with nourishment, it will grow into your own individual mastery.

Correction is essential to power and mastery. You see, we are all ordinary. But a master, rather than condemning himself for his “ordinariness,” will embrace his ordinariness and use it as a foundation for building the extraordinary. Instead of giving up, as many ordinary people do, he will use his ordinariness to correct his errors, which is essential in the process of attaining mastery. You must be able to correct yourself without invalidating or condemning yourself, to accept results and improve upon them.

Correct, don’t protect.