Our age specific Kid Kick™ “Champions” Hapkido Combatives classes cover:

  • Zero tolerance Bully Buster System™
  • Fitness
  • Anti Drugs
  • Stranger Danger
  • Personal Safety
  • Promoting Academic Achievement
  • Self Defence Skills
  • Focus, Discipline & Champion Mindset
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Kids Champion Hapkido Combatives - Pop Kick

Hapkido combatives helps a child find focus and develop in a supportive atmosphere.  Children that are energetic find a safe outlet for their enthusiasm. The limits of the dojo provide a safe space for the children to grow and learn the appropriate times to use their skills. Children who know how to defend themselves and know their worth also develop the self-confidence to relate to others.

Mr Kosta is Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia approved trainer and knows how to help your child develop in a safe and supportive atmosphere.